• Image of my nipples and not apologizing for them (full color prints)

"my nipples and not apologizing for them" is a story of womanhood & triumph. This is Annie Baldwin's latest typewritten chapbook filled with poems that are grounded in her identity as a healing, empathic queer femme artist putting herself first and howling out her truth and leaving each typo and page tear exposed. Each copy includes 25 typewritten poems written on ripped pieces of paper with some drawings & photographs too. These limited edition copies are signed in pink gel pen with a personalized note and handbound with love.

Excerpt from the first page of "my nipples and not apologizing for them"
"I woke up with sharpie stains all over my sheets-
some metaphors are clearer than others &
this is all to say I am claiming what is mine.
mine. mine. mine."

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Limited Editions signed in Full, Breathtaking Color are $25 <3